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Possessing even small amounts of methamphetamine (meth), cocaine, heroin, marijuana, ecstasy, LSD, or crack can result in serious jail time.

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Even minor drug convictions have serious consequences. We represent clients in both State and Federal Court helping avoid or lessen the harsh penalties associated with a drug conviction. Due to the "War on Drugs" and the Patriot Act, many good people are charged with drug crimes. A felony drug conviction can burden people for the rest of their lives, affecting their ability to find quality employment.
Drug cases we have successfully handled involved
  • Distribution of Narcotics
  • Drug Trafficking
  • Cultivation
  • Drug Conspiracy
  • Possession of a Controlled Substance
  • Possession with Intent
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation of Narcotics
  • Drug Possession
Frequent Louisiana Drug Charges Marijuana: Possession of even a small amount of marijuana is a crime in Louisiana. There is no exception for non-prescribed, medicinal use. Second (or subsequent) convictions are felonies.
Cocaine Cocaine is a felony grade drug regardless of the amount. Many judges give jail time on first possessions even with a clean criminal record.
Meth Methamphetamine, Crystal Meth, or Speed is a felony regardless of quantity. Manufacture or distribution often involves lengthy jail sentence.
Club Drugs LSD, GHB, Ketamine, Ecstasy, Poppers. Most "club drugs" are felonies and their possession can result in felony convictions.
Illegal Prescription Drugs Louisiana is one of the few states that criminalizes possession of medications if they are not in the pharmacy-issued bottles. Unless you have the proper prescription, any medicaiton can be considered illegal.

Prescription medications borrowed from a friend or obtained "on the street" are considered illegal and subject you to the possibility of harsh penalties.
Drug Paraphernalia Exotic smoking pipes and even dietary scales may be considered by law enforcement to be drug related. Often, the only difference between an item being legal and illegal is the opinion of the officer.

One client was even charged with drug paraphernalia for possession a spoon in a camping kit.
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Bankruptcy  |  DUI   | Traffic   |  Criminal Charges  |  Warrants  |  Injury  |  Drugs and Narcotics Charges
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