Michael R.  5.0 star rating   3/11/2016


Greg helped me get 2 different charges dropped! He is very knowledgeable about the law and helps answer any questions you may have along the way.


There are a lot of lawyers out there, but I am glad I choose him. I will definitely be going back to him if I ever need legal help. I give him 5 stars and highly recommend him to anyone who needs help with a legal matter!



Lisa S.  5.0 star rating   12/19/2015


Greg handled my redhibition case and did an excellent job.  He gave me great direction, then followed my lead when I needed him to act.  Really nice guy too... highly recommend!



Tom W.   5.0 star rating   7/11/2010


This guy knows his stuff.  He helped me with a DWI.  My cousin recommended him.  He helped with his bankruptcy.  Reasonable price.  Great staff.  If you have a legal problem, give him a try.



Stella-Ann J.  5.0 star rating   2/18/2016


Mr. Gouner represented me after I got into a car accident. He explained the process in detail, always kept me informed, and got me the results I wanted. Professional but makes you feel comfortable. i would def. recommend him for any legal matter! Hope I don't need an attorney again anytime soon, but if I do, I will always go back to Greg!

Speeding Ticket Master    5.0 stars    Posted by Nanette     April 10, 2014


Passing through La to Fl during Spring Break I received a speeding ticket. When researching attorneys to represent my case, I found Mr. Gouner's website. His site is impressive, his office staff is friendly and efficient, but it was Mr. Gouner who won the opportunity to represent my case. He was confident and friendly. My instincts were right, I am more than pleased with the results of my case. He really does what he claims!



Speeding Ticket/Personal Injury Case   5.0 stars  Posted by George B.    February 18, 2016


I used Mr. Gouner as my lawyer on multiple occasions, once for a speeding ticket and then again after I got in a car accident. Both of the times I used Mr. Gouner he and his staff were very easy to work with. Greg was very straight forward and produced results. He or his staff always called me back and let me know what was going on with my cases. For my speeding ticket, all I had to do was call Mr. Gouner on the phone, give him the details, and he took care of the rest. He really did make everything so easy. After my car accident, I knew exactly who to go to. Greg was very professional, and I really felt like he was fighting for me. I always felt very comfortable in his office, and he didn't brush me off like other attorneys I've dealt with before. Another thing I really liked about Greg was that he always explained things to me in a way that I could understand. I have and would recommend Mr. Gouner to any friends, family or even strangers who needed a lawyer.



Traffic ticket legal expert in Baton Rouge, La   5.0 stars    Posted by Bay   May 30, 2015


Thanks to Mr. Gouner's legal help I was able to reinstate my driving privileges in an expedited manner. I tried DIY method but proved to be a headache and a waste of time not to mention jumping thru hoops past inefficient court offices and staff. Please don't waste your time and seek Mr. Gouner helps for a low cost assistance that you'll be glad you did in the end. He was responsive to all my questions and emails and explained the legal process in plain English. He gave me best and worst case scenarios for my case. He also gave me follow up advise to avoid any future problem which is greatly appreciated and an extra Plus in service! Don't fall for all the other fancy legal help websites that don't answer after 5:00pm or lunch time. Kudos to Mr. Gouner and his staff. If you need affordable expert traffic legal advice in the Baton Rouge area this is who you want on your side.

In more than 40 years combined experience handling bankruptcies we have helped hundreds of families and individuals discharge millions of dollars of debt.






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Fact-based insight and observations on the law  surrounding DWI and other legal issues.


Lost in the System

It’s not hard to get lost in the shuffle of the criminal justice system. Just ask Destiny Hoffman of Clark County, Indiana, who was given two days in jail as her sentence. Due to a paperwork mistake, however, she served 154 days before an assistant district attorney noticed what had happened.

The “Tongue Check”

Law Enforcement’s Newest Arrest Tool: States across the country have lessened the penalties for marijuana possession. Driving a car while under the influence of any intoxicating substance, however-- including marijuana--still counts as a DWI. The latest tool being used by law enforcement to arrest those smoking marijuana is asking the driver to say, “Ahhhgh.”


Seven Things NOT To Say To A Cop

If you have been up to some funny business and have been intercepted by the long arm of the law, there are a few conversations you need to steer clear of while speaking with a police officer. Saying the wrong thing to a cop could get you into much more trouble.

When Facebook Is A Crime

Texting and driving has been illegal in Louisiana for about eight years. Over the last several months, local law enforcement seems to have been stopping more and more people for this violation—especially between Baton Rouge and Livingston. Everyone would probably agree that texting and driving is dangerous.